Manual Treadmill, Your Cardio Booster

Level up your walking and running exercise in the manual treadmill. Manuals are notorious in providing you the cardio workout you need, plus it lets you burn more calories than other treadmills. It has been proven that running on a manual treadmill will increase your heart rate by 20 beats per minute more than you do on the electric or motorised treadmill. Also, you consume 30% more energy or calories when you are training on a manual treadmill. Imagine your delight reading that. It would significantly improve your weight loss program and give you a leaner hourglass body in just a few weeks. Another advantage of manuals is that it is less stressful for your lower limb joints. Since you regulate the speed at which the manual treadmills run, you tend to move slower than on the electric treadmills. This decreases your joints’ sustained impact, allowing you to exercise more robustly without damaging your bone junctions. There’s nothing you would want more than this. So get your fingers busy now and browse Best Treadmill Australia’s online shop for the best choices of manuals.

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Best Treadmill Australia has got the best of the best manuals out there. We’ve got manuals from Matrix, Horizon, Tempo, powertrain, Everfit, Orbit, Impulse, and many more. Australia’s top manufacturers have entrusted to Best Treadmill Australia their home gym equipment selection because we have the best testing standards of the fitness machines we’ve got and the most satisfactory customer service. Get your manual treadmill now from Best Treadmill Australia.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose a manual treadmill over a motorised one?

As its name implies, manual treadmills need your muscle power to operate and, as such, give you more control of the equipment. Moreover, their mechanism is less complicated than the electric operated ones and thus don’t need much maintenance and will last longer than their motorised counterparts. The other advantage of a manual treadmill is that it is cheaper, more compact, and even lighter than the electrically operated treadmills. They are perfect for home gym owners who have very little room to place their equipment.

It is actually more challenging to ride on a manual treadmill’s belt than to run in the electric or motorised ones. Why? It’s because you use your own strength to keep the machine going; besides lifting your weight, you also have to exert effort to make the equipment move. That is a tall order for any exerciser. But the good news is, most manual treadmills run smoothly and are very easy to start its mechanism. You can subject it to a gentle push of your feet, and you’re on your way to a productive running exercise.

Why do I have to buy manual treadmills from Best Treadmill Australia?
Aside from the fact that we have built an excellent rapport as a competitive distributor of cardio equipment in Australia, we are capable of living up to it. Your manual treadmill undergoes rigorous scrutiny before we admit it to be featured in our online store. Another set of testing is underway a day before its intended shipment to our patrons. We also have competent personnel trained to handle such delicate cargo and take good care of the manual treadmills until it reaches your homes. Customer service is of utmost importance to us, so we go the extra mile in making sure that we make your purchase smooth sailing. We offer free product registration to the manufacturer’s warranty page and are always here to help in any maintenance service you need.

What can the manual treadmill offer me?

As it is known in the fitness community, manuals offer a wide range of benefits for your physical and mental well-being. It also has practical gains for you. Let’s take a look at how the manual treadmill can make your life better.


Safety is the number one consideration in choosing any gym equipment, and manuals can provide you that. Actually, manual treadmills are the safest kind of treadmills because you have complete control over it. When you stop running on the manual treadmill, the entire equipment immediately stops. If there is any trouble while you are working out or you’ve got to urgently attend to another business, you can just easily step out of it.


Manual treadmills are your best bet when you are looking for a running exercise machine that will boost your cardio at home and will not break your bank. It is the most cost-effective treadmill and will let you set aside some of the leftover money for more important things in your life. Another advantage of the manual treadmill when it comes to saving money is that it won’t increase your electricity bill, a benefit that is sometimes overlooked. Although cheaper, the manual treadmill has a lot to offer than meets the eye.

Space Saver

Since they don’t need complicated and plenty of components to run itself, manual treadmills have been known to be home gym friendly. It is more compact than its contemporaries and can even fit inside your room. Manual treadmills are available in folding versions making it even more enticing to apartment home gym owners. The foldable manual treadmill can be slipped inside your closet or under your bed. Just store it properly, so dust, dirt, and moisture do not accumulate inside it.

Muscle Powered

Manual means having to do it yourself. That means the engine of the equipment is your super strength leg power. It has tremendous positive implications for your lower leg, as well as your joints. Having to do the manual labour will provide your legs, thighs, buttocks, and hips with more pronounced development. Running exercise on a manual treadmill will wear you out quickly but will rapidly improve your physical attributes, especially your lower body. Since you can’t run on the manual treadmill faster, your joints are less impacted by the exercise and will not aggravate any physical limitations you might have in your joints.

Supercharged Running Exercise and Calorie Burning

While doing all the work on your manual treadmill, you give your body a chance to exceed its limitations. Working out on the manual treadmill exhausts your body more, forcing your heart rate to spike rapidly. This further improves blood circulation, which has a multitude of positive effects on your body. One of those gains is the fast burning of your stored calories. Calories are the natural fuel of your body to function or practically do any kind of movement. And so, when you laboriously run on the manual treadmill, your energy intake or calorie-burning increases. This makes all the calories stored inside your body be used up; thus, you won’t have dormant calories converted to unnecessary body fat.

How should I choose my manual treadmill?

Before selecting your new best home gym cardio machine buddy, make sure that you’ve considered all the essential factors so you can acquire the manual treadmill that suits you. Here are some guidelines you can use to choose your manual treadmill.


The first thing you would have to do is check the amount of space you have at home for your new manual treadmill. Manuals usually come in 2.3m x 1m size. Use this as a baseline to check if you have ample room for your new home gym equipment but verify the dimensions when you have resolved your mind to the manual treadmill you’re buying. But if space isn’t really enough, you can always go for folding manuals. Foldable manual treadmills are even smaller in size and can fit inside your closet or under your bed.

Weight capacity

Check the weight capacity of the manual treadmill you want to purchase. Manual treadmills more often have a max weight capacity of 125 to 150kg. An average built individual will most likely fit into any manual treadmill, but it doesn’t hurt to check. Plus, you might have friends or family members who would want to step into your new manual treadmill, so it’s better that you know for your and their own safety.


Having a manual treadmill with an incline feature would further boost your cardio workout. A 15% incline is the most manual treadmills are capable of. It is more than enough to wear your knees out and literally take your breath away.

Running Belt

Manual treadmills have two kinds of running belts: the flat belt and the curved belt. Flat belts are even-surfaced wide rubber bands that are activated when you run on the manual treadmill. They are best suited for walking rather than running. As for the curved type running belts, they give more consideration to the configuration of the balls and soles of your feet and so you have more traction in it when running.