Upgrade Your Cardio Workout on An Electric Treadmill

Supercharge your running exercise in the electric treadmill. Electric treadmills are the most convenient way to boost your cardio workout. They have several programs and features that will help you better enjoy your running exercise and have more rewarding cardio. The electric treadmill is more than adequately equipped to aid you in understanding your performance during your workouts. They have heart rate monitors, speed, time, distance travelled, calories burned, and some even have virtual personal trainers that can help you get better in your training. It also has pre-installed programs designed to cater to any fitness level, from beginner to advanced, casual or high-intensity exercise, and even modes for your old man. Electric treadmills are your fitness equipment to get to the next stage of your fitness level. Get your electric treadmill now from Best Treadmill Australia and intensify your training to fitness glory.

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Best Treadmill Australia has the best of the best electrical treadmills in down under. We are the authorised distributor of top home gym equipment manufacturers like Matrix, Horizon, Tempo, powertrain, Everfit, Orbit, Impulse, among others. We have forged a customer-driven business relationship with them as we objectively give feedback and vigorously scrutinise their products to better enhance its capabilities before we showcase it to our online stores. We are also the best in customer service, catering our patrons’ requests from inquiries before order confirmation up until after their treadmills have arrived at their homes. So get your electric treadmill now at Best Treadmill Australia.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy my electric treadmill from Best Treadmill Australia?

Best Treadmill Australia upholds to its credo of serving its patrons all throughout their purchase and fitness equipment usage experience. We have a team of fitness and medical experts that help us test and objectively critique all types of treadmills that are presented to us. We judge them by its productivity to enhance the user’s fitness, ability to make the running exercise enjoyable for every exerciser, and its ergonomic qualities to aid in proper posture and physical rehab. We also have competent delivery partners that have been rigorously assessed and trained to handle our delicate electrical treadmills. Our sales and customer service team are always on standby to answer all your queries or follow up with your claims. We have assembled and systematised our teams to better serve you, our consumers.

What do I get when I use the electric treadmill?

Running exercises on an electric treadmill can pump your heart rate to the fullest and even boost your calorie-burn rating. There are many benefits in using the electric treadmill for your cardio exercise. Let’s take a peek.

Less strain and stress

You are aided by the electric treadmill’s motor to start and continue your running exercise. The electric treadmill creates a smooth operation of its running belt; thus, it does not put too much stress to your lower limbs and joints. This is incredibly convenient for your elders or individuals who have medical conditions that prevent them from exhausting themselves out.

Incline and speed digital control

Having the capacity to control your running speed is a great advantage when it comes to boosting your cardio endurance in an electric treadmill. You can also manage the impact of your workout on your speeding heart rate and the amount of stress you endure. Progressive training means having the capacity to take on elevated pressures pushing your running exercise to the limits. This is possible in the electric treadmill with the incline feature. With just one push of a button, you can increase the resistance of your cardio workout and push you to your limitations.

Engaging Features

One incredible capability of the electric treadmill is its creative perks designed to enhance the cardio training experience of its user. The fitness equipment has on its microprocessor an array of software, programs, and modes that will help advance the trainer to his or her optimum cardio potential. Some models have capabilities to deliver real-time heart rate readings as well as distance run, time spent, calorie-burned, speed, and even a history of your past workout sessions. The information displayed on its LCD monitor could greatly help you in properly adjusting and curating a cardio program that’s just right for you.

Good For All

Since the electric treadmill gives you much control on its mechanism, it can cater to any fitness level, from novices to professional athletes, young adults to elders, even the adolescent ones can have a go in this fitness equipment. Most of the designs of its control panel are user friendly. It also satisfies your cravings and necessities, like a water bottle holder, music speaker, and even a widescreen for watching your favourite movies. You are well pampered when you use the electric treadmill.

How do I choose my electric treadmill?

Choosing an electric treadmill is a no-brainer when you’ve got the right criteria to scrutinise it on to figure out the exact configuration of your new fitness equipment. Here are the considerations you would want to factor in when purchasing your electric treadmill.


Before purchasing your electric treadmill, it would be a good idea to know where you would want to place it. Consider your available space at home when choosing for a better suited electric treadmill for your home gym. The rule of thumb in machines is the bigger the fitness equipment, the more power it has. So if you want to have a powerful electric treadmill, you will have to prepare a more spacious room for your fitness equipment. If you haven’t got enough space at home, don’t be disappointed. There are actually folding electric treadmills now in the market. You could elect to have one and store it in your closet or under the bed.

Treadmill Horsepower

The hp in your fitness equipment specifications is not just some to trick to confuse you. It is displayed on your electric treadmill to describe how powerful its motor is. In general, the higher the horsepower in your fitness equipment, the more powerful its running speed is. The downside to that is it consumes more electrical power too. A 1.5hp electric treadmill is sufficient for occasional use of the fitness equipment. If you plan to run frequently on your treadmill, then find a motor that’s rated at 2.5 to 3.0 hp.

Other features of the electric treadmill you would want to consider.

  • Belt size: For running, consider a treadmill belt of at least 1.3m long and 0.5m wide. If your height is over 6’ be sure to find a belt that’s 1.5m in length.
  • Incline: Get an electric treadmill that has an inclined mode of 10% or higher. This will be sufficient to challenge yourself in progressive training and make your heart rate speeding to no end.
  • Weight capacity: Be sure that your electric treadmill can carry an enormous amount of weight to be on the safe side. Usually, with this kind of fitness equipment, the max weight rating is relatively high, up to 150kg.
  • Speed: If you want to run on your electric treadmill, get one that goes up as high as 16kph or even higher than that.
  • Control Panel: When you shop online, you’ll get a glimpse of the electric treadmill’s console. If you can figure out right away where’s the on/off button, speed up and down, and incline control, then it’s user friendly enough. You can learn the other functions of your fitness equipment when it arrives at your home.